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Our Mission

Our priority is to maintain quality of life and well-being for our community.

Dia Feliz is designed to help people stay mentally and physically active, reduce isolation, improve their health condition, encourage their independence and prevent deterioration of their abilities.

People typically attend our center two to six times a week,

depending on their individual needs.
We provide regular and wheelchair transportation from your home to the center and the center to your home.
Other services include therapeutic activities such as exercise, yoga, arts and crafts, singing, age-appropriate games, health check, social work, meals, dietary advice.

Improve Life Quality
Quality care for a better quality of life for participants, their families and caregivers. We have a place for them, peace of mind for you.

Positive attitude 
 We encourage participants and our team members to think and act positively in every situation. A positive attitude and nice smile can change your day.

Continuous Advance
Our willingness to improve our services  helps us grow and create exceptional experience for our group of participants.

Celebrate life
To celebrate the joy of living.
Worry-free days are happy days.

Wedding Decorations

Our core values

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