Valeria Falstad :

“I am the Program Director at Dia Feliz. I love the good atmosphere of the place, the teamwork of the employees and the joy of the participants. These three components make a difference in our program. I am extremely pleased to be able to work with people from our community.”

Teresa Gaudet:

“I am a Registered Nurse and Director of Nursing at Dia Feliz. I believe in the adult day health model because all are able to provide both medical oversight for our participants as well as a sense of community and friendship to all who became a part of our Dia Feliz family. I became a hospice volunteer and realized I needed to help people. I feel so happy and blessed to have this second career that is filled with warmth and friendship and of course patient care.”

Adela Lopez:

“ I am a Nurse at Dia Feliz. I like that I can provide holistic care here at the center. I enjoy caring for clients in a manner that doesn’t just address their medical needs but also social and emotional needs. I love getting to see clients leave here after a happy day it always makes my day. I have been at Dia Feliz since November 2019.”

Braulia Herrera: “ I am an Outreach Coordinator here at Dia Feliz. I love so many things about this program, but my favorite thing is seeing our participants happy. The atmosphere here is nothing compared to any other adult day program. I see many participants and employees help each other out to make Dia Feliz a better place and a second home.”

Iris De Jesus:

“I work the front desk and my role is to welcome clients and visitors. I love the good treatment given to the employees and participants, the organization and the modesty with which they work. I am happy to be a part of Dia Feliz.”

Wilnelia Gonzalez:

“I am a CNA and Coordinator of activities at DIa Feliz. I like to give good service to the clients, make them feel like they are part of my family and support them in any way possible. I love to make people laugh and happy.”

Alba Iris Liranzo:

“I am a CNA at Dia feliz. I like the union of the employees and the friendship between the clients and staff. I like to help the clients and make them feel at home when they come to Dia Feliz. I am a caring and happy women all the time.”

Soel Quinones:

“ My role here at Dia Feliz is being in charge of the kitchen. I like to serve the participants with love and professionalism. I like the atmosphere, joy and the friendship I have with the participants.”